PCM The Process Communication Model - Executive Summary:
Decode the physical and verbal language
Better understand individuals
Improve team spirit and productivity

Are you communicating or just talking? PCM will teach you the skills to: Decode the physical and verbal language, Better understand individuals, Improve team spirit and productivity
PCM Process Communication Model Harmoniser PCM Process Communication Model Thinker PCM Process Communication Model Imaginer PCM Process Communication Model Persister PCM Process Communication Model Promoter PCM Process Communication Model Rebel

The Process Communication Model® can be utilised
in so many different areas of life. In motivation, in
conflict resolution, in learning how second by second,
interaction by interaction an employee, colleague,
family member or friend can be motivated to be the
very best they can possibly be.

The Process Communication Model ®
Dr Taibi Kahler photograph from Interview

Was developed by Taibi Kahler
who won the 1977 Eric Berne
Memorial Scientific Award for his
discoveries which now make up
the Process Communication Model®.

Endorsed by Former President Bill Clinton

Is endorsed by Bill Clinton.
Here’s what he has to say:
“Taibi Kahler is a genius. He knows
more about personality dynamics
than anyone else in the world.”

For over two decades was used by NASA in the critical
astronaut selection process.

PCM used by NASA in the critical astronaut slection process
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