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AIG’s Sr. VP & Dty CFO invited us to present a 3-day PCM seminar in late 2018. The participants of this seminar were key stakeholders of AIG FINANCE from around the globe. The positive outcome led to another PCM training event in June 2019 and to a PCM training session in India for the executive leadership group running the Indian branch of this worldwide organization.


Besides implementing PCM training by using the PCM 3-day ‘Core Elements’ seminar, the half-day PCM ‘K2Me’ seminar was used to a wider group of AIG managers to ‘raise awareness of PCM’s potential to more effectively, efficiently and sustainably manage others and themselves’.


The results speak for themselves: after an initial 3-day training event, AIG asked us to provide PCM services to a wider group of managers and stake holders in this large organization.

“I was skeptical before taking this course, but I was wrong. This course was so valuable.”

“Very interesting insight into the impact of early childhood experiences to personality base and phasing. A great tool for management approach adaptation based on staff members’ psych needs and capabilities associated with personality types.”

“Excellent toolset to be used with other methodologies.”

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