Airservices Australia

PCM proves so stand-out, this company goes from public workshops to in-house.


The Australian Air Traffic Control Organisation ‘Airservices Australia’ controls 11% of the world’s airspace.


Initially individual staff members attended our public PCM seminars. They were so enthusiastic about PCM that specific management teams booked in-house team development programmes.


The ongoing PCM training is helping the organisation to improve their corporate culture and to improve managers’ interactions with each other. PCM has been introduced to the SE&A Business Group, to the Executive Team of the Executive GM, and Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Service.

“PCM is like no other course. It gives you the tools to do something with the knowledge you gain, unlike pretty much every other management / ‘discover yourself’ course I’ve ever been on……and that’s a lot!!! PCM is societal gold in this sometimes-crazy world!!”

– Former Manager Safety Services

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