A global company shares tangible outcomes and an inspiring success story.


Aviko is a Holland based company that runs 50% of the worldwide market in frozen potato products. The main production sites are in Germany.


The incoming new CEO (former CEO Coca Cola Holland) in 2014 introduced PCM to the branch in Germany, and 2014-2016 they ran a PCM training initiative aiming at improving the company’s performance.


These are the tangible outcomes

  • Management fully identifying with PCM, not talking about PCM but ‘breathing’ PCM; PCM is a major topic on corridors and at the coffee break. In management meetings ‘Drivers’ (Distress) get sorted instantly and everyone engages in supporting anyone showing or reporting distress.
  • Since this company is in food production & food distribution worldwide, external auditors from national and international bodies constantly audit the organisation. These auditors report huge positive changes in communication styles between Aviko staff / management, in openness, mutual trust, succinct and concise addressing of issues (very well-trained staff), no reservation in addressing ‘hot’ topics, and not having any protective barriers / fences whatsoever.
  • The organisation introduced a completely new IT system / new software. Normally (experience HR) this creates a lot of anxiety, resistance. With Aviko the change had been welcome, staff were nothing but cooperative and open.
  • Unions in Germany are very powerful; Unions not only have the right to speak up, but they have decisional power. Without the Unions nothing goes! The Union was involved from the beginning, they got PCM trained too and got enthusiastic about it.
  • Nationwide the company achieved to lower the 2014 sickness rate of 6.5% to 2.4% (sustainable) in 2016.
  • Across the organisation the company achieved to reduce management meeting times by 40%.
  • Across the organisation the company achieved to reduce failure rates in production by 45%.
  • Across the organisation the turn-over rate in staff plunged to practically Zero.
  • And here comes the very best: Aviko had to close a small German subsidiary and to lay off some 150 staff. It is well known that Germany has some of the toughest unions in the world, and despite this background Aviko managed this process without a single case going to court! This in Germany was unheard of. All facts have been reported by the Director HR of Aviko Germany.

“PCM resulted in spectacular change, creating an atmosphere of unconditional mutual trust.”

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