Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS)

More than 700 surgeons have undergone PCM training


In 2010, we were asked to present PCM to an executive team at the college which resulted in a series of pilot seminars. The results of a training outcomes analysis were beyond expectations and PCM became part of the professional development programme for Fellows in 2012 with their own PCM Providers.


The PCM seminars are now run in co-facilitation with a senior anaesthetist. The paediatric surgeons’ specialty group has anchored PCM as a mandatory module in the first year of the five-year specialty training.


To date, several hundred surgeons (Fellows and Trainees) have undergone PCM training. The magnitude of change achieved across all areas by PCM training was ‘dramatic’ and beyond expectations.

“We upskilled all of our team members in PCM and it has really helped our team dynamics. We are all speaking the same language. I as their manager know what their needs are and how to meet them in order to get the best out of them.” “It allows you to understand other people’s perspective and not to get as frustrated as you possibly once did. Post PCM you understand why everyone is different. It helped me to understand others, but mostly it helped me to understand myself.”

– Michelle Barrett, ex Manager L&D RACS

“PCM has helped me improve my communication in the everyday conversations with staff… and aided my point of view being better heard. I find I am less likely to make an assumption of what the conversation “might” be about. PCM has explained the mystery of why some people communicate the way they do. It has helped take the edge off some communications.”

– Dr Stephen Wilkinson, Licensee, Surgeon facilitator for RACS PCM Workshops

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