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A forward-thinking organisation prepares its future leaders for new roles


It is a common observation that professionals are promoted from a specialist role into a managerial role. Unfortunately, it is also a common observation that new managers rarely receive any preparation or training for their new role or how to be a leader.


The University of Otago is one of few forward-thinking organisations that prepare their future leaders for their new role. In 2009 KCO was invited to run a PCM pilot seminar. Based on the training outcome, the university anchored PCM in its Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP) that provides leadership training to future Heads of Departments, Directors and PVCs.


In 2014, the university initiated an independent audit on all training events provided by external service providers. The audit report points out that the PCM course always has a wait-list with more applicants than places available.

The auditor, a Professor Emeritus met with focus groups comprising 38 Heads of Departments and Directors. His conclusion regarding PCM was ‘Everyone who had participated in this workshop was exceedingly positive, even to the point of saying that it had changed their whole way of functioning in a leadership role.’

“PCM has helped me improve my communication in the everyday conversations with staff… and aided my point of view being better heard. I find I am less likely to make an assumption of what the conversation “might” be about. PCM has explained the mystery of why some people communicate the way they do. It has helped take the edge off some communications.”

-Dr Alison Stewart, Head of Academic Leadership Development Programme

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