PCM gives competitive edge for Foodstuff’s product managers


Foodstuffs is New Zealand’s biggest grocery distributor and one of the country’s largest organisations. It is made up of several independent co-operatives.


The HQ of the Southern region of NZ’s North Island asked us to provide communication and self-management training for their product managers. These managers work under considerable stressors and in different roles, constantly switching between supplier and customer roles.

KCO trained a large number of product managers in PCM. The organisation also used PCM to recruit new managers.


The Manager Supply Chain Infrastructure wrote: 

“On behalf of my team thanks for the follow up 2 sessions completed last week. The first full 2-day course was well received by all my team. I noticed immediately after the original course a lot of discussion amongst the team members. There has certainly been self-evaluation going on and I believe it made some differences with team members @ various degrees. I believe more thought is being applied with communication between themselves and others, including evaluation after communication has taken place. An essential aspect was the recent follow up sessions, which has provoked further discussion, self-evaluation etc. I look forward to seeing improved communication and understanding with all team members.”

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