Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, Queensland

PCM revolutionises the way teams are interacting within SCHHS


Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service is the major provider of public health services, health education and research in the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Noosa local government areas.

Established in 2012, the health service is an independent statutory body governed by the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Board.

SCHHS operates according to the service agreement with the Department of Health which identifies the services to be provided, funding arrangements, performance indicators and targets to ensure the expected health outcomes for our communities are achieved.


Since July 2012 we have been running over 25 PCM seminars for the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services (SCHHS), and the QLD State authority for Health (QLD HEALTH) continues to support this training:

“Through Clinical Excellence Queensland, Queensland Health support has been provided to SCHHS to continue the engagement of PCM as part of a broader Leadership and Culture Development Strategy. SCHHS have been using PCM successfully for several years.”

From 2012 until end of 2017 around 120 Senior Medical Officers, Directors of Medical Services and medical doctors were trained in the two 3-day PCM training seminars 1 and 2. SCHHS is now rolling out PCM to a wider group of nurses, staff and managers by booking the new series of 1-day PCM modules. Several hundred staff, nurses and managers will undergo this PCM training.


This training resulted in a steadily increasing awareness across the whole organisation of the importance of intra- and interpersonal process. PCM provides a frame of reference and terminology for so called ‘human factors’ issues across the organisation.

The Director of the Surgical Service Group of the five hospitals wrote:

“…PCM has revolutionised the way teams are interacting within our busy Surgical Department.”

“Comprehending how our personality functions enables increased self-awareness, opening a space for personal acceptance, and importantly places us in a better position to understand, accept, and appreciate others. Combined with the strategies that PCM delivers for communicating more effectively with varying personality styles, the course can assist us in connecting better with others, with potentially wide-ranging positive effects on our relationships, both personal and professional. …I recommend it for those who wish to expand their understanding of personality functioning and enhance their communication and leadership skills.”

– Dr Calum Campbell MBBS, FRANZCP, Cert. Child Psych. Consultant Psychiatrist Child and Youth Mental Health Service Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service

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