Swiss International Air Lines

PCM as tool for successful interactions for Cabin Crew


Swiss is the flag carrier of Switzerland, with about 9000 staff and servicing 102 destinations. Our roots – to then Swissair – go back more than 40 years, in a flying as well as management capacity. Being responsible for Human Factors training and development, we were looking for the most efficient and effective tools available – and found PCM.


Since 2000 PCM has been part of Swissair and later Swiss International Air Lines – mainly for Cabin Crew Management and Managers of Business Development.


The Managing Director Head of Cabin Crew (3,600 staff) wrote in his testimonial after a sequence of PCM training events:

“The members of the management team were very motivated by PCM and became convinced of the model’s effectiveness. Managers applied what they had learned immediately after the course. They recognised that different types of people communicate differently and have different communication needs that must be met if people are to understand each other. This key learning improved cohesion within the management team and equipped the managers to communicate better with cabin crew members and the various other Interfaces. A further benefit was that the entire management team now has a reference system that is practical to apply and a unified, clear set of terminology to refer to.”

The Director, Head of Business Development and Training Cabin Crew wrote the following in his testimonial:

“PCM became the tool we use often, targeted and successful in interactions with our peers and organisational partners, as well as inside our own teams.”

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