Sydney Ferries

Sydney Ferries

“The contribution PCM made to our Safety Management System is unparalleled”


Sydney Ferries employs around 650 staff at any given time and operates 170,000 services per year throughout Sydney Harbour and its related waterways.

In the early 2000’s, around 14 million passengers were involved in 40 collisions per annum.


In co-operation with the Australian Maritime Institute in Hobart we developed and implemented PCM enriched team development training for Masters, Deckhands, Trainers, Shipyard managers and supervisors for the then called Sydney Ferries Corporation (SFC).


The training initiative resulted in a spectacular reduction of the collision rate to virtually zero collisions in a time frame of 15 months.

A series of PCM seminars were integrated into a wider upskilling initiative aiming at increased safe working processes both on board the vessels and in the Balmain shipyard.

Former Director of Training and Development at SFC, Fiona Love (now Director, Engineering and Operations Programs OD at the NSW Transport Regulator) wrote:

“SFC’s training initiative achieved to reduce the annual rate of 40 collisions in 2005 to zero collisions for a period over more than 15 months. This is a huge achievement and the main causal factor for this improvement has been and still is the quality of the training sequence developed in 2005 / 2006.”

“SFC has no reservations to recommend the services of Naef Ltd and the training tools used in this successful change management process such as PCM.”

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