Sydney Trains and NSW Trains (formerly NSW RailCorp)

High long-term impact managers with PCM training


RailCorp was a NSW Government agency that holds rail property assets, rolling stock and rail infrastructure.


We were involved with NSW RailCorp for several years, helping them to develop a Risk Analysis and consequently a Behavioural Marker System. In 2012 RailCorp in Sydney underwent PCM training on a management level.


The longer-term outcome of the training was analysed by NextElement Inc. (Kansas, USA) using the NEOS Self-Report Efficacy Outcomes System.

The evaluation of the PCM training with this management group resulted in the following findings:

  1. The ratings for the personal/professional significance of the programme, the accuracy of the profile and the competence of the trainer were very high for both groups.
  2. The rating of the overall PCM impact was very high for both groups.
  3. The PCM impact was generally well sustained after 3-4 weeks for both groups. The Intro/Advanced group even experienced improved overall impacts.
  4. Both groups found PCM very useful and applicable.
  5. Both groups indicated most positive changes with ‘Signallers’.
  6. The Intro Only group showed a significant decrease in the ‘ability to reduce unintended outcomes’ rating whilst the Intro/Advanced group showed an enhanced and sustained confidence to reduce unintended outcomes. The Advanced course with focus on distress and conflict resolution apparently supported the confidence to deal with these situations.
  7. Over all, the final Follow-up ratings were significantly higher for the Intro/Advanced group.

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