Your ability to help companies resolve conflicts, grow leaders, improve communication and deliver profound culture change will set you apart from others.

Exponential Effect

When you take the time to embed PCM as a mindset before teaching any other skill, individuals learn faster and more deeply, their experiments with new skills yield profound results, their paradigms shift and their lives really change for the better.


As a licensed facilitator you’ll find support at every step of your journey. You’ll have unrestricted access to our team who are all experienced providers of PCM and can answer questions on any admin or PCM challenge you might face. We’ll be your sounding board. You can share your experiences delivering PCM and gain feedback when developing products of your own. You also get at least two days of face-to-face development each year with one of our master trainers on any aspect of PCM you choose.

Products and Promotion

We’re committed to high quality and forward thinking. You’ll enjoy the regular release of new products and innovations to accompany your work. Your teachings will be complemented by beautifully designed course materials, plus event templates, certificates and more. Our efforts to promote PCM globally will bolster your marketing activity and we can provide marketing guidance if needed also.

Who can license

PCM can be licensed by established training or consulting businesses of any size, or by any kind of organisation running an inhouse learning and development programme. You will have to apply and be accepted however, as we limit the number of licenses issued globally to ensure the program delivers quality over quantity. We’ll take into account your training objectives, and the degree of life experience and industry experience your proposed facilitators have. Your facilitators will also have to complete all our PCM workshops and be living the principles of PCM to the full. Academic qualifications are not a prerequisite.

How to start

If you’re a business or organisation wanting to share PCM and gain all the benefits above, please get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have. We’ll then ask you to complete a questionnaire to help us understand your intentions and aspirations. We’ll then arrange a time to chat through your responses, and explore your potential to become one of an exclusive number of PCM providers worldwide. We’ll also explain the licensing and certification processes, the costs involved initially and ongoing, and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Express your interest
“In all the years I’ve been researching personal and leadership development, I haven’t come across a technique as powerful as PCM in its ability to teach people how to better influence others to achieve an outcome.”

Wayne Pearce, Member of the Australian Rugby League Commission,
PCM Licensee

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