Harness your full powers of self-awareness, communication, resilience, and compassion to live your best life at work and at home

Discover what makes us all different, so you can thrive in a diverse world

Learn to navigate the full range of talents and dysfunctionalities, to create win-win situations with people from all walks of life.

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Join business leaders, health professionals, educators, sports stars and even NASA who use PCM

High-stakes professionals benefit from tools that help make all relationships in their life positive and productive. People of all ages, cultures, and professions can use PCM to solve the mysteries of human dynamics, and realise the untapped potential in their lives.

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PCM is the brain-child of world renowned psychologist, Taibi Kahler

As a researcher of clinical psychology, Dr Kahler discovered universal patterns of behaviour that human beings exhibit under distress and certain conditions that individuals need to thrive. Working closely with NASA he turned these insights into a game-changing methodology, a framework, a lens on life, called PCM.

Gain fresh perspective. A highly motivating new lens on life

PCM offers an exciting new set of communication skills to apply to your daily encounters. You’ll become a masterful kayaker on the river of life. You’ll learn to read its ebbs and flows and how to place your paddle perfectly, playing to your strengths and weaknesses, while complementing the efforts of other paddlers sharing the river.

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