We are fortunate to be surrounded by accomplished psychologists, educators, executive coaches, consultants and experts from all corners of the world, who have each encountered PCM at different stages of their lives and agree it is a game-changer. Our quest is to share PCM’s gifts and help clients, colleagues, organisations and communities to embrace talent, overcome dysfunction, and realise all the untapped potential in the world.

We’re officially known as Kahler Communications Oceania Ltd.

What’s in a name? Well, we hold the exclusive rights to the Process Communication Model®, which is the brainchild of renowned psychologist Dr. Taibi Kahler. Our homebase is New Zealand, at the bottom of the South Pacific. That’s where the following collection of passionate academics and humanists steer Kahler daily into its bright future.

Our vision

The big bold goal is for PCM to be the catalyst for a new era of personal and professional development worldwide. We’re determined to always be evolving and driving future best practice.

Our current focus is working to establish a sustainable network of PCM Licensees across New Zealand and Australia to share the power of PCM in a multitude of industries and areas
of life.

Our Quality Control

We support all our PCM Licensees to operate at their best by providing a rewarding, collaborative and innovative culture.

Our team strives to continuously learn and spot opportunities to keep our competitive edge in the market. We’re evolving our offerings and developing exciting new approaches as part of our daily practice.

We work hard to provide a consistent delivery framework for our Licensees. We see this as key to building and maintaining a high performance culture across our network. Comprehensive quality assurance processes help measure our success in this area.

Of course, KCO also complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

A Worldwide Network

PCM is currently enriching lives in 34 countries, in 18 languages. We have an international community of over 2200 certified trainers and coaches who have shared PCM with over a million people to date.

A number of territories have been granted exclusive rights to market PCM. We are very proud to be one of those territories (Australia and New Zealand). Other countries are managed either by distributorships or by the head office directly.

The global head office, Kahler Communications, Inc. is located in the USA. Please see their website for more information:


Andrea Naef - PCM Oceania

Andrea Naef

CE, MSc Psychology
PCM Master Trainer

“Knowledge and skills have a much shorter life-span today. But continuously building my own ‘human skills’ makes all the difference in leading a happy and successful life.”

Werner Naef - PCM Oceania

Werner Naef

Chairman of the Board
PCM Master Trainer

“PCM gives you an ability to tune in to the many wavelengths whizzing around your home, work and mind, so you can live life with ultimate clarity.”

Robyn Mackay - PCM Oceania

Robyn Mackay

Business Manager
Certified PCM Provider

“Can you imagine the impact of training all teachers in PCM? It just makes sense to be nurtured through our formative years by people who understand what our personality needs to excel.”

The teaching of PCM in Australia and New Zealand is carried out by a steadily growing number of inspiring and experienced specialists. You can meet them all here.

The CEOs, executives, senior leadership teams and business owners come to me because they know their success depends upon their ability to communicate effectively. With PCM, we look at why they do what they do, why others do what they do and how to flexibly adapt their style to whom they are speaking to. This helps them develop and strengthen their personal brand. It also helps them to lead groups, engage individuals and motivate colleagues, clients and stakeholders to accept their ideas. My clients become even more influential, respected and valued leaders who get results.

During my nine years of corporate communications coaching, I have developed formats, processes and techniques to prepare my clients for any interaction they face. My short courses equip you and your team with increased self-awareness, the ability to decode behaviour, and a practical understanding of how to connect, motivate and influence others easily.


Arabella Macpherson

At Training Lab our mission is to enable you to improve relationships with your team, clients and significant others using the powerful tools of PCM to improve communication, resolve conflict easier and experience these results immediately and long term in your professional and personal life.

Our PCM programs include support for maximum learning and practice of the skills and tools including follow up mentoring calls and digital eLearning support.

Based in Sydney and train Australia wide we provide programs to

  • Australian federal and state government
  • Corporations and tailored courses to industries in banking/finance, law & education
  • Small to medium business wanting to improve team performance and client relations
  • Public courses to individuals for professional and personal growth
  • Couples to improve their relationships

Fully qualified trainers with extensive facilitation experience, we have provided consulting and training in professional development, online digital communication and business solutions.

Clients include NSW Department of Education, Qantas, federal and state government departments, senior executives and professionals through to youth and, anti-bullying campaigns and women returning to work programs.

Client testimonials and packages please view www.traininglab.com.au


Corinne McDevitt

Company Focus

Konektamundo is changing the way people think about recruitment. While organisational and managerial psychology has advanced in leaps and bounds and is successfully implemented by many businesses, the vast majority of recruitment companies have not evolved to incorporate these exciting new tools. By using the most advanced techniques, we are able to deliver superior results, providing employers with employees who love their jobs and fit perfectly with the company culture.

How we use PCM

Konektamundo uses the Process Communication Model® (PCM) to intensely analyse the personality type of potential employees, ensuring they are matched with jobs which complement their personality traits. This ensures that employers get staff who are a perfect cultural fit, increasing staff productivity, reducing workplace tensions and drastically improving staff retention.
By deeply understanding a candidate’s personality type, as well as each company in our portfolio, we are able to expertly match people to jobs with which they are highly compatible. The result is that employers receive employees who flourish in their job, contribute positively to the company culture and stay in their job for longer. Candidates benefit by being placed in a job that they love, which fulfils them both personally and professionally.


Konektamundo is founded and operated by Denham Holmes, who has spent over 20 years working across a variety of companies and roles within the automotive industry. He has combined his unparalleled understanding of the requirements of automotive employers with his expert training as a Process Communication Model® behaviour and communication coach to create a tailored recruitment service which is utterly unique both in the automotive industry and the wider recruitment space.



Denham Holmes

I am a Consultant Anaesthetist based at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woodville South, Adelaide.

I have an interest in teaching and nurturing, particularly in anaesthetic practice. “Anaesthesia” and “Stress” go hand-in-hand. I have found the skills I have acquired through my practice of PCM invaluable. This applies both personally and professionally. Decoding behaviour, inviting trainees out of stress helps with teaching and training. PCM enhances my interaction with colleagues and patients. It is a skill set that is so easily incorporated into everyday being – just with that little bit of practice! We spend so much time and effort learning specialised skills utilising specific agents or equipment. PCM uses the tools you already have on board, In my experience, the more I apply PCM, the more I want to use it. You create your own positive-feedback loop.


Dr Elizabeth Benton is the Managing Director of UP Communication, which offers PCM keynote speaking, executive coaching, and seminar delivery.

Elizabeth is a qualified Clinical Psychologist who has chosen to teach PCM rather than continue working in private practice and hospitals. In nearly a decade of formal university study there were so many theories taught to attempt to explain human behaviour. None were so logical and succinct as PCM, which has the added bonus of 45+ years of scientific backing.

Location for seminar delivery varies according to what the client’s request, with most seeking inner city convenience, and others creating team building immersion packages that require something a little more luxurious, such as in the heart of the Margaret River wine region. Elizabeth travels to clients no matter where they are in Australia and offers intimate seminars for couples, as well as large group keynote presentations and seminars.


Elizabeth Benton

I came across PCM a few years back when looking for a tool to support the development of the leaders of my organisation. But what I found with PCM was much more than a tool to add to my toolbox.

Through the PCM lens, you learn to look at the world differently, you start to understand how others see it with their own reference frame, you learn about yourself, your strengths and your psychological needs so you can learn to manage yourself better and stay in a positive and constructive space called “OK-OK”, where you are as interested in other’s wellbeing as you are in yours.

PCM goes much further than any of the tools I have seen in my career. It’s a skillset that also helps you to understand what is playing when things go wrong, when conflicts arise or people behave poorly and therefore to act appropriately.
It has helped me and the leaders I work with tremendously and has given us a common language to take organisations to the next steps. It is a real transformation framework to create thriving workplaces.

The beauty of PCM is that it’s a tool that will help you grow professionally as much as it will personally.

About Ilona

Her motto: “When life presents you with lemons, make lemonade.”

Ilona Vass is the Owner & Founder of Dancing with the Dragons. Ilona was born in Austria but has lived long parts of her life abroad (mainly in China and Australia) and has a strong understanding of intercultural collaboration and its challenges.

Ilona is a licenced and certified provider of PCM and LOD systems, as well as a Results Coach and Speaker. She is fluent in Mandarin and loves international engagements. Her clients describe working with her as “the calm before the storm” to enable positive change and business profit.

Ilona has worked internationally in management positions in her previous career and knows firsthand the challenges of leading modern teams.

Ilona is on an inspired mission to help people understand the 3 keys to communication and build success strategies to make workplaces agile and people’s lives better.


In today’s world, effective communication is the no.1 most important skill in becoming a dynamic leader. The essential leadership and communication skills taught by Joyce are extraordinary valuable in both personal and professional environments.

When leaders understand the emotions, responses, and needs of their team members, the result is safe, motivating environments, and cohesive, high-performing teams that produce exceptional work.

Next Leap Communications’ workshops are available both to individuals and as an in-house offering for corporations wishing to provide leadership training for their staff. Joyce brings over twenty years’ experience in leadership and executive roles to the table, which allows her to use easily digestible, real life examples her workshops. Care is taken with every single workshop to teach the information in a way that’s accessible for all learning styles and communication types.


  • Open to the public PCM Workshops
  • In-house PCM Workshops

For more information, visit nextleaptrainingsolutions.com
or email info@nextleaotrainingsolutions.com


Kenn has nearly two decades of experience in the corporate sector, with multi-national organisations such as Motorola and General Electric in Malaysia, China, USA and Australia. As a qualified Mechanical Engineer with a Masters in Business Management, Kenn has held various roles including Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Engineering and Commercial Management. In all these roles, Kenn has worked in many high-performing teams and has built up a range of experience dealing with different people, in different roles and from various cultures. He has worked extensively and effectively with C-suite clients, conducted negotiations with mid-level management, and has led teams working on the shop floor.
Kenn has been an in-house trainer for Process Communication Model® in his current organization since the middle of 2018 and conducts external courses in and around the Melbourne area.

Kris is a medical specialist at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, Queensland, and has been an in-house trainer of the Process Communication Model since 2015.

Kris greatly enjoys the role of imparting the Model to fellow pathologists, directors, managers and liaison officers, and delights in unveiling the mysteries of miscommunication to others.

The company has embraced PCM as a multi-platform skillset that facilitates self-awareness, self-management and effective communication. The principles and language of PCM have become part of the lexicon of the organisation.
Those trained in PCM utilise the tools to motivate staff and resolve conflict, with the aim of maximising available resources to the benefit of all employees, our medical colleagues and our patients.


Kris Kerr

Marion is a specialist anaesthetist with major interests in safety and quality, communication and doctor’s welfare. She is the Chair of the ANZCA Welfare Special Interest Group and is a board member of Doctors Health SA. She regularly facilitates Process Communication Model 3 day seminars for healthcare professional in Adelaide SA and co-facilitates seminars for the Royal College of Surgeons.

“I became a certified PCM facilitator in 2009, impressed by its positive, in-depth understanding of communication and human behaviour, and its relevance to patient safety, and professionalism. I wish I had learnt it much earlier in my career.


Marion Andrew

Our Business Focus

Engage to Innovate are recognised leaders in business transformation. Our focus is assisting clients to drive innovation and growth by helping our clients to lift organisational engagement by improving the way their employees connect, communicate and motivate. We work closely with organisations helping them to build collaborative, innovative, high performance teams that solve problems, create sustainable competitive advantage and winning strategies.

How we use PCM

Engage to Innovate uses PCM to engage with clients, their employees, customers and stakeholders. We use PCM as a basis for our executive coaching, leadership and team building programs. PCM is used to assist our client’s employees to work together more productively, to stimulate creativity, develop innovative strategies, products and outcomes. We use PCM to communicate, connect and to lift employee engagement and organizational performance.

My Background

Martin is recognised as a passionate, focused leader and coach who thrives on assisting individuals and organisations lift employee engagement and achieve transformational change. Martin works with executive leadership teams to assist them develop winning strategies and establish goal setting and measurement techniques. Martin has over 25 years experience in senior executive leadership roles in businesses with up to $1bn revenue pa and more than 2500 employees.

Martin Camp

Paul Larkin guides leaders and their teams to turn their most common challenges in to valuable strengths. With over 15 years managing professional sporting teams, experience as a commercial solicitor and consultant, Paul has worked with leadership teams from some of Australia’s largest organisations to prepare for change, with Olympic athletes preparing for key events, and extensively in education to assist educators to communicate and motivate students.

Paul’s extensive expertise in positive conflict combines with PCM to guide high performing teams to achieve their goals, build respected careers and legacies, and go home satisfied.


Paul Larkin

Phil is a Partner in the Munro Group, a company that has specialized in the ‘people management’ business for over 32 years. The focus of the Munro Group is in recruitment, human resource management and people strategy as it relates to ‘fitness’ (role and people compatibility) and alignment (teamwork).

Before joining the Munro Group Phil held executive management positions in manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing and later, in consulting and advisory roles to small and medium sized businesses.

The Munro Group, like Phil is passionate about working with clients to help them achieve the best from themselves, their management team and their staff. This is where PCM proves invaluable.
The practical application of PCM knowledge and skills of putting people first and ‘talking their language’ has proven the key to building effective and collaborative relationships at work, and at play.



I teach PCM to medical and management groups working in the health system. I use PCM continuously in communications and self-management, to avoid stress, and to achieve a safe and satisfying medical workplace culture.

I trained as a PCM provider after completing the PCM courses, when I realized the life-changing tools that PCM provides. My whole family has now done PCM. I now train PCM for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.


Working in the healthcare system my target audience is any person, clinician or non-clinician, that would make a difference to any consumer accessing healthcare. For anyone it can be a challenging and distressing experience to need the help of a healthcare system. Consumers can feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. My goal is to enable better understanding of how to effectively communicate with and support consumers of healthcare systems to achieve improved holistic outcomes.
Patient safety is also dependent on clear and effective communication. A culture of effective self awareness and self management can improve patient safety and satisfaction outcomes and PCM is a highly valuable tool to achieve this.
I use PCM every day to

  1. enhance my interactions with the staff I manage,
  2. build a culture of continuous quality improvement in our service,
  3. enhance my interactions with my patients both in the peri-operative setting as an Anaesthetist and in the outpatient setting in Pain Medicine.

As an Anaesthetist you have a very short time to make a positive and meaningful connection with a patient pre-operatively and PCM enables this to happen efficiently and effectively.

PCM also enables me to communicate with and understand the challenges faced by the cohort of patients that present with chronic pain. PCM allows me to understand how their personality reacts when in distress and how to invite them out of distress so we may be able to help them put into place effective strategies to manage their pain.

Past Chair of Qld Statewide Persistent Pain Clinical Network.

Mother of three teenagers so I use PCM to stay on the same page as them as much as possible for my own sanity!!


Wayne Pearce is an acclaimed key note speaker and highly experienced seminar facilitator.

Wayne Pearce is a former international Rugby League player who captained and coached at the club and State of Origin level. He also studied psychology at the University of NSW where he focused on the psychology of performance. After leaving the professional sport, Wayne took his skills to the business world and he has developed a reputation as an acclaimed key note speaker and master seminar facilitator.

Whilst Wayne is trained in many performance tools, the versatility of PCM means that he uses it extensively with his various clients to help them achieve optimal team and individual outcomes.

In addition to his corporate services, Wayne runs public PCM seminars where people from a range of backgrounds join in a collaborative learning environment to master the Process Communication skills.


Wayne Pearce

PCM Oceania 

Exclusive license holder of
Process Communication Model®
in Australia and New Zealand

155 Field Way, Waikanae Beach 5036 New Zealand
P +64 4 905 0084