Whatever the circumstance, application or industry, our PCM workshops can be tailored to help. Public or in-house training, short or long workshops, refreshers, you name it. PCM delivers both short-term wins and long-term transformation.

Public Workshops

PCM 1 – Core Concepts

A three-day workshop on the core concepts of PCM. Develop skills to create more powerful connections with the people around you, underpinned by a platform of game-changing self-awareness.

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PCM 2 – Conflict Resolution
and Motivation

A premium three-day workshop on conflict resolution and motivation. Delve deeper into the signals and behaviours of people in distress. Learn how to masterfully invite yourself and others out of destructive scenarios and ultimately, learn how to prevent them. Enjoy a range of more practical exercises that will dramatically expand your ability to apply PCM in your life.

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PCM Masterclass

An unmatchable five-day experience for graduates of Workshops One and Two who are ready to realise the ultimate value of PCM. A highly interactive course, tailored compellingly to the needs and interests of a fascinating range of participants, who are all hungry to explore the full potential of PCM. Start to experience PCM as second nature and harness it to excel professionally and personally.

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In-house Workshops

In-house Workshops are a powerful contextual way for organisations to transform the lives of many team members at once. You can also enhance the effectiveness of teams amidst specific real-world scenarios. These are game-changing workshops that your people will benefit from for the rest of their careers. Can be tailored to meet any need in length and scope.

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“Life changing. Honestly. I’m really looking forward to implementing these new skills and knowledge into everyday life.”

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