PCM has been heightening emotional intelligence skills and future-proofing people across the globe for over 40 years, and we’ve only just begun

Get future proof

‘Human Skills‘ and ‘Emotional Intelligence’ are now considered the best predictors of your ability to perform at a high level. Employers want people who understand that emotions drive most behaviors, positively and negatively, and want people who can manage those emotions when communicating, especially under pressure. These skills impact productivity, performance and bottom line more than ever, particularly in leadership roles.

Maintain Resilience

Resilience is the other highly sought after trait in today’s world. PCM offers true resilience, which is not just an ability to push through. It’s about having the strategies to recover and recharge during difficult times. PCM teaches you how to take care of your unique set of psychological needs under duress, it gives you techniques to recharge your batteries, and helps you to create the kind of environment you need to thrive.

Lead On

PCM helps leaders all over the world every day to realise their full leadership capabilities and unlock the untapped potential in the people around them. Leaders with PCM skills can empathise fiercely with the people they lead. They understand the deeper motivations of the individuals within their teams. They communicate information about tasks and objectives in ways specific to those individuals. And they foster an environment where all voices can resonate.

Work Smarter

A diverse workplace full of self-aware, empathetic, skillful collaborators is not only a more enjoyable place to work, it’s also healthy for the bottom line. It delivers real innovation, efficiency, and resilience. Personal development opportunities are a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining staff too. A game-changer like PCM takes that to another level, promising clear leadership, high performance, true innovation, and actual equality to anyone sizing up your workplace.

Ace Relationships

PCM offers a deep understanding of the enormous range of human strengths and weaknesses, motivators, communication styles and distress signals. With this knowledge in hand you can be self-aware, considerate of others, and an expert at managing interactions so that everyone moves forward. Friends, family members and colleagues will value your contribution to their lives and they’ll offer more to your life in return.

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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

– George Bernhard Shaw

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