More than 1 million people have been exposed to PCM globally. We deliver PCM training to people and businesses in the education, food and hospitality, health, professional, and transportation sectors across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


The health industry represents a high risk, high stress work environment. Tense atmosphere, undermined relationships, risk to patient safety and dysfunctional team cohesion can be negative consequences. PCM proves to be a strong support to reduce the risks and enhance corporate culture.


PCM in education has a special place in our hearts. We are convinced that if PCM were part of our education system, we would have much less drama, stress and broken relationships as adults both personally and professionally. KCO and some licensees are working on different levels to bring PCM to schools, teachers and students.

Professional Services

Professional service businesses harness the talents of skilled, knowledgeable individuals to provide advice and support to other businesses and are therefore fundamentally about people. This involves knowing how to recruit, develop and retain the best staff, and also how to connect with clients to achieve a positive outcome.


Aviation can be extremely stressful and there is a serious potential for high risk. Efficient communication is mission critical, and any risk associated with personal distress must be avoided by all means.

Rail and Maritime

Public transportation is a high-risk industry, where each mistake can cost the life of people. But it is also an industry that relies on good customer service. Therefore, it’s not just important to transport passengers safely from A to B, but to do this in the most comfortable and practical way. Good communication and people skills, stress and workload management are essential for success.

Food & Hospitality

Products and Services in this industry have a limited life-span. Some products and services are based on intangible values – customers choose what wine or coffee they drink, which restaurant or supermarket they go to. To stand out from the rest, product and service providers need to find a competitive edge in the market, and more often than not it’s the ‘human component’.

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