Air New Zealand

PCM and Human Factors training


Air New Zealand is an innovative airline, continuously winning awards for their products and services.


In 2011, all Chief Instructors of all fleets and the Manager Cabin Crew Standards were trained in PCM.


Amongst other positive remarks, Captain Gerry Dunn, then Manager Flight Standards Airline Operations & Safety wrote in his review of the training:

“As you can imagine there was some scepticism as we commenced the training. However, within a very short time the team was totally engaged and eager to listen and contribute to the modules Werner presented. Our Airline is very committed to the development of Human Factors training and I believe the PCM course has provided our training managers with some very valid complimentary knowledge which tests and provides some insight into where we can be effective in the Pilot and Flight Attendant training environment and in event analysis.”

This was complemented by the Manager Cabin Crew Standards review:

“…From a cabin crew training perspective, I would see the business receiving a wide range of benefits in utilising PCM across a variety of levels including manager, cabin/pilot, inter cabin crew, and cabin crew to customer.”

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