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SNP dramatically change their culture by becoming a licensee.


SNP is a medical testing laboratory based in Brisbane, QLD, employing over 2200 staff. Often pathologists and staff work under time pressure, especially when their customers, doctors/surgeons in hospitals, are anxiously awaiting the results of the pathologist’s analysis of specimens.


In 2013 KCO was invited to run PCM seminars for SNP. The outcomes were positive and in 2014 the organisation decided to have their own in-house PCM Provider certified. Since then SNP runs PCM seminars on a regular basis facilitated by Dr Kris Kerr. PCM has a significant, positive impact on SNP’s culture.


“There is much less drama in the workplace now. Some of my colleagues say that the organisation is a much more favourable place to work in. They feel understood, strengths are valued and that’s a very affirming way to be. By virtue of a ‘snowball effect’, the more people are being trained, the more stable the organisation becomes because we are able to look after each other’s needs. I see PCM as an integral part of the culture change in our organisation.”

– Dr Kris Kerr, In-house Licensee, SNP

“For everybody who interacts with others it opens up a new world. It explains why people do what they do and gives you tools – particularly when things aren’t going well. It’s a good tool for any organisation, especially one with a significant professional workforce.”

– Dr Michael Harrison, CEO SNP

“PCM has been great in managing and recognising distress. Because distress is very different for different people. …What I like about PCM is to be able to see behaviour for what it is and not necessarily for what our perception of it is and how it then helps to foster positive relationships.”

– Virginia Re, Manager Learning & Development, Sonic Group (Parent company of SNP)

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