Zurich Insurance


Zurich Insurance Group is Switzerland’s largest insurer with about 55,000 employees in over 210 countries. Economic pressures led this worldwide company into an extensive restructuring process.


The organisation’s Chief Learning Officer asked us to provide PCM for a group of managers of the ‘Communications and Training Division’ of Zurich Insurance Group.

Due to the good initial response, the integration of PCM training broadened quickly and spread into other parts of the organisation, such as Zurich Academy in Bonn/Germany, HR, Group Learning & Development, Group Controlling, Talent & People Development.


Financial specialists, accountants and finance controllers are typically not focused on inter- and interpersonal skills. Therefore, it was very impressive to receive positive feedback such as:

“Outstanding. Very timely for me and for our team. Thank you. :-))”

“Thank you very much for three highly interesting days. Lot of interesting interaction to absorb from a packed three-day program. Will look at personalities differently.”

“…in step with actual practice for implementation in daily business. Invaluable for performance assessment and appraisal interview as much as for any other situation arising in daily life.”

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